To the east of the Lago Maggiore you'll find a green landscape with three little lakes surrounded by wooded hillocks offering you beautiful panoramas.
The biggest of the three lakes is the Lago di Varese, Lago di Monate is one of the cleanest and most beautiful lakes in Italy and the Lago di Comabbio with it's large reed beds was once part of the Lago di Varese.

Cesarino's is located on the border of the Lago di Comabbio. From the restaurant you have a beautiful view of the lake and the village of Varano Borghi on the other side.

If you like the outdoors, the woodlands behind the town of Comabbio provides you with many hours of hiking pleasure and wonderful panoramas. Just outside the village several hiking trails start. If you prefer walking or cycling, Cesarino's is on the walking-cycling route around the Lago di Comabbio.